2Set 8 x AA Thicken Battery Holder with I Type Wired Battery Clip Standard Snap Connector

Price: $6.99
(as of Jun 23,2021 10:01:27 UTC – Details)

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1. It is suitable for DIY and maintenance of all kinds of dc equipment, with an I-type wire.
2. Easy to install: The battery is fixed by a stainless steel spring. It is very convenient to install and replace the battery, and it is not easy to damage other parts.
3. Tough material: using tough material, high strength, good toughness, not easy to crack.
4.Applications: toys, electronic DIY, bread board power supply, LED lighting power supply, low voltage electrical equipment, remote control, radio, quartz clock, wireless keyboard, electronic calculators, doorbell, mobile digital recorder, remote control, radio, quartz clock, electronic calculators, doorbell, tape machine, electric toys, children/adults wireless mouse/keyboard, strong light flashlight, electric shavers, camera flash, electric toothbrush, game handle, strong light flashlight at l
5.Item Name:Battery Case ;Material : Plastic, Metal;Battery Type : 8 x AA 12V; Holder Case Color:Black;