5 Ways Social Media Has Changed Marketing

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Social media changed the way people communicate greatly. People now just log on, write what’s on their mind, and have the ability to share it with so many people simultaneously. Eventually, people realized these sites aren’t just for people trying to keep in touch with family members who live far away or see how high school friends are doing.

  1. Marketing is Easier Than One Realizes

Typically, a person dreads the marketing that’s involved in beginning a new business. It’s often expensive and time consuming for an individual. With social media marketing, finding leads has never been so easy, quick, or cheap. Unless a person is utilizing a ‘pro” version of Linkedin, it doesn’t cost anything to market a business on social media if a person does it themselves. Posts get shared with possibly hundreds or thousands at a time. It’s even possible to target customers a business owner would have never suspected would one day need his or her services. Read Full Article

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