Acteev Protect Reusable Face Masks | Multilayer Nylon Face Covering with Microfiber Technology | Washable & Reusable Masks w Active Zinc Ions | 3 Layer Safety Masks | Breathable Face Mask 25PCS/ Box

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ACTEEV Protect Reusable Face Mask

3 LAYER FACE MASK WITH ACTEEV TECHNOLOGY - The Acteev reusable face masks with microfiber generation is a general-purpose masks for adults. Our nonwoven mask are validated by way of main professionals for its sturdy protecting fabrics that soak up moisture, straight away blocks get entry to on touch, and resists odors.
EMBEDDED WITH ACTIVE ZINC IONS - Acteev protecting mask paintings extra successfully than different 3 layer mask, clear out mask, or material mask. Active zinc ions are embedded within the sturdy but cushy nylon cloth, and don’t wash away or flake off like silver or different coatings. The zinc is helping stay our mask efficient, so you’ll be able to reuse them sustainably.
WASHABLE & REUSABLE UP TO 10 TIMES - Unlike different mask that lose their effectiveness and forestall filtering because of moisture and humidity, the zinc in our mask permits you to soak, wash, and reuse them with out dropping effectiveness. We counsel cleansing our cleanable mask by way of hand, as much as 10 occasions. To wash the masks: soak it in chilly, soapy water, gently wash with a squeezing movement for two mins, rinse till water is apparent, then air dry.
BREATHABLE DAILY COMFORT - Acteev scientists and engineers invented a modern new cloth that wicks moisture clear of the face for final convenience and breathability. The Acteev generation, cushy nylon cloth mask be offering protected, efficient, and sturdy masks coverage this is each at ease and breathable. Breathe more straightforward with a masks this is tough sufficient to paintings, but at ease sufficient to put on all day.
FACE MASKS MADE IN THE USA -Ascend Performance Materials makes use of sustainable and eco-friendly practices to come up with the best quality merchandise which might be difficult for defense, delicate at the Earth, and made proper right here in america. Each of the 175mm x 95mm (6.9 x 3.7 in) white pleated mask is designed to put on for on a regular basis use. Always check up on the mask for harm and discard if there are any punctures, holes, tears, or vital put on is seen.