chakra Flower Premium Aroma Sticks – Feel The Blossomy Aroma – 120 Incense Sticks – Use at Home Office – Pack of 6 Natural Fragrance Sticks – Long-Lasting Scented Incense Sticks

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Product Description

About MDPH –

MDPH is one of the renowned groups that offers a wide assortment of 1200+ products to more than 7, 50,000 outlets in India. We take pride in offering the best in class and top-of-the-line products in countries such as U.S, Europe & South East Asia. Chakra – Natural Sticks define the Indian culture and creates a positive aura. On the other hand, Mezno – our premium deodorant brand portrays every individual as a splendid personality through its superior quality scents.

MDPH’s brand Chakra features an extensive array of aromatic incense sticks that is available globally in India, UK, Austria, Singapore, Mauritius, USA and Switzerland.      

About Flower Series Premium Aroma Sticks –

Incense sticks are known to be one of the most sacred and useful elements in Indian culture. It is known to eliminate the foul smell and negative vibes. This indeed adds more to its popularity and usefulness. Flower Series Premium Aroma Sticks feature a magnificent and refreshing aroma of various herbs such as musk, rose, jasmine, sandal, lavender and so on.

If you are someone who is seeking premium quality and mesmerizing scented oil sticks that can add more to your ‘me time’ and peacefulness, then opting for this product can be an ideal decision taken by you. Crafted out of finest quality herbs, it is must have incense sticks that not only purifies the environment but also leaves a magnificent and alluring odor.

Chakra endeavors to craft inscense sticks that boost encouragement, confidence and positive thoughts. It not only creates a refreshing and alluring environment around your home or office but also eradicates the evil and negative vibes! Make sure to get hands on these high grade and long lasting scent sticks that are worth every single penny. Experience the fragrances of Mother Nature and add a dash of liveliness to your room.

Experience the most refreshing fragrances –

Jasmine: The intense aroma used in Chakra Jasmine incense stick has a calming effect on one’s mind. Also it restores optimism & confidence.
Lavender: The winsome aroma used in Chakra Lavender incense stick provides grace and elevates your mood.
Musk: The aroma used in Chakra Musk incense stick provides spiritual effect, reduces anxiety and uplifts inner strength.
Rose: The aesthetic aroma used in Chakra Rose incense stick has a tranquilizing effect on one’s mind.
Sandal: The warm aroma used in Chakra Sandal incense stick provides you with cool and calm environment.
Tuberose: The balmy aroma used in Chakra Tuberose incense stick is said to promote relaxation, as well as treat frigidity.

Enhances the favorability of life –
After returning home from a hectic and tedious day, all you need is a calming aura and a cheerful environment where you can relax and have the time of your lives. This joss stick does the work for you! It calms down your nerves and helps you feel fresh and reinvigorated. Use it while performing daily rituals, while offering prayer to god or for experiencing the aromatic ambience.

Finest-Quality Flower Series Incense Stick are Worth the Money –

Long lasting incense sticks –

Agarbatti incense sticks by Chakra are manufactured by dedicated professionals who endeavor to provide top of the line and finest quality products to their potential clients. These incense sticks can be used during prayer and meditation. This indeed creates an alluring environment and promotes confidence, optimism and cheerfulness.
Get your hands on this product and experience the utmost warmth, cheerfulness and peace.

Caution –

Keep out of reach of children. For fragrance purpose only; Not for internal/ human consumption. Keep burning incense away from flammable materials. Never leave burning incense unattended; Always use incense in a ventilated area. Make sure ashes fall on fireproof surface.

Directions for Use –

Light the tip of the incense sticks until it flames. After tip glows, blow out the flame. Fix it into the holder or a firm surface. Make sure not to place it near plastic or paper Experience the utmost of tranquility

Quantity: 20 Sticks Per Box. Total 120 Sticks in an Outer Box; Burning time: 45-50 Minutes; Quality: High quality incense sticks.
Extracted from: The book of famous poet & writer Rabindranath Tagore, depicting the oneness of the culture with flowers.
Effective and high quality incense sticks that make the environment soothing and magnificent.
Special Features: Jasmine- Everyday use of this aroma gives a peaceful environment which boosts confidence, Lavender- Surround yourself with naturalness, Musk- Creates an environment that makes you feel agile and boosts stamina, Rose- When this aroma kindles, it creates a refreshing aura that helps in obtaining mental peace.
Sandal- Regular use of this aroma gives a healthy cooling environment and helps attaining mental peace, Tuberose- Making use of this aroma regularly encircles you with pleasantness that helps in acquiring peace.