COOLZEN Ultra-Cooling Weighted Blanket 20 lbs & Removable Cover – Premium Glass Beads – Gray All Season Warm & Cool Cotton/Minky Breathable 60”x80”

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Product Description

Cooling Weighted Blanket CoolZenCooling Weighted Blanket CoolZen

Heavy Weighted Blanket Plush Cover 7 Layer CoolZenHeavy Weighted Blanket Plush Cover 7 Layer CoolZen

Premium Heavy Weighted Blanket CoolZen FeaturesPremium Heavy Weighted Blanket CoolZen Features

Quality stitching ykk zipper weighted blanket CoolZenQuality stitching ykk zipper weighted blanket CoolZen

Relax Weighted Blanket CoolZen SleepRelax Weighted Blanket CoolZen Sleep

Better Sleep CoolZen Weighted BlanketBetter Sleep CoolZen Weighted Blanket

No Stress Just Decompress CoolZen Weighted BlanketNo Stress Just Decompress CoolZen Weighted Blanket

The CoolZen Cooling Weighted Blanket is perfect for daily use and is built from a unique mixture of highly breathable and cooling fabrics. Designed in the USA and using the most durable of premium materials, attention to detail runs throughout this heavy blanket.

Extreme Comfort: Experience the feeling of your whole body being hugged.
Comfortable For Anyone: Choose the ideal blanket depending on your body weight, we recommend equal to about 7% of your total weight:

15lbs: 110-170lb body weight

20lbs: 170-230lb body weight

25lbs: 230-290lb body weight

Adjustable Cooling: Use the blanket on its own to emulate a cooled hug, or attach the double sided plush minky cover to add two warmer levels of heat.
Specially Designed Pattern For Maximum Weight Distribution: In terms of weight distribution, our chevron pattern is unlike any other. The nature of all weighted blankets is such that over time some beads naturally move towards pocket corners. In other quilted shapes such as squares, this bead movement creates uneven weight distribution. The chevron pattern is the only one where bead movement towards the corners naturally redistributes weight towards the middle of another chevron.
12 Invisible Attachment Points: Not everyone appreciates the look of blanket attachment points, so our design naturally conceals these attachment loops. Connect your blanket to the double sided plush cover, or enjoy the blanket cover-free without spoiling its natural beauty.
Premium Zipper: Don’t settle for cheap zippers that snag and break. Our heavy duty zipper is easy to close, long lasting, and reduces rips from awkward snags.
7 Unique Blanket Layers: Designed to keep beads where they belong, our unique fabric layering process reduces bead movement and maintains even weight distribution.
Premium Glass Micro-beads: Unlike other blankets that use recycled plastic pellets, we only use the most premium of perfectly shaped non-toxic glass micro-beads.
Extra Small Stitching: Prevent bead leakage with smaller stitching that uniformly keeps beads inside of each chevron square.
Machine Washable: Keep the cover clean by simply removing the cover and running through a quick washer load. For maximum life, the blanket can be hand washed or dry cleaned when necessary.

Designed with love in California.

✓ ULTRA COOLING TEMPERATURE REGULATION — uses a specially chosen mixture of fabrics to increase breathability and improve temperature regulation.
✓ EVEN WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION — our 7 customized layers trap beads in place and improve long-life weight distribution. Blanket uses only premium grade .8-1mm fine glass beads. No cheap recycled plastic!
✓ 12 INVISIBLE ATTACHMENT POINTS — our invisible attachment points offer the best of both worlds. Attach your blanket to the cover or use the blanket when you don’t need a cover. Smaller stitching prevents bead leakage and improves structural soundness to extend the blanket’s life.
✓ CHEVRON PATTERN LOCKS WEIGHT IN PLACE — unlike with squares, beads in a chevron’s outside corner distribute weight towards the inside of its neighboring chevron, improving weight distribution.
✓ MACHINE WASHABLE — 300TC 100% cotton blanket. 2 mode minky warm and cool cover with heavy duty zipper for repeat usage. Designed in the USA. High quality, soft, machine washable, long lasting, and maximum cooling fabrics.