Eat Clean, Play Dirty: Recipes for a Body and Life You Love through the Founders of Sakara Life

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“Food will have to make you’re feeling attractive,” say Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle, founders of the preferred natural dietary program, Sakara Life.


In their debut e book, Eat Clean, Play Dirty, the duo delivers scrumptious recipes and reinvigorating rituals to succeed in dietary cohesion, a solution to nourish the frame and feed the spirit concurrently. It’s about pronouncing sure to kale and to dessert; to early-morning asanas and late-night dancing. It’s about prioritizing well being with out making sacrifices.


Since handing over their first foods through bicycle in 2012, Whitney and Danielle have modified hundreds of lives around the nation and garnered an extended record of superstar devotees together with Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, and Oprah. With
Eat Clean, Play Dirty, they’ve accumulated the colourful, scrumptious dishes that shoppers and lovers crave and make it imaginable to recreate the Sakara magic in their very own kitchens.


Changing the discussion we now have with our our bodies and our plates, the cookbook empowers each and every folks to turn into our personal chef and supreme healer through the usage of meals as drugs. Each scrumptious recipe, from the Eat-the-Rainbow Wrap, Orgasmic Coconut Yogurt, Red Beet Burger, and the Everything Bagel with Garlic Schmear is designed to:


  • stability our frame
  • heal our intestine
  • flood our frame with considerable vitamins
  • shed extra weight
  • cut back irritation
  • do away with sugar cravings
  • stability our hormones and temper
  • give us the gear to create a frame we adore dwelling in

Every recipe is sponsored through Sakara’s roots in dietary science—honed over years of learning with docs, scientists and healers of a wide variety. Alongside the recipes, readers will know about superfood substances from world wide, uncover the phytonutrients wanted for true energy, unearth the secrets and techniques of the microbiome, and grasp tangible way of life methods for balancing lifelong well being with final happiness. It’s Sakara’s signature mix of science, sexiness, irreverence, and light-filled goal.

The final wellness cookbook has arrived. Celebrate abundance. Say sure to frame love. And don’t disregard to wreck some laws. 


From the Publisher

Eat Clean, Play Dirty: Recipes for a Body and Life You Love

salad, plant based

salad, plant based



superfood pancakes, chia, berry, compote, cashew, vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, breakfast, health

superfood pancakes, chia, berry, compote, cashew, vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, breakfast, health

Youth and Beauty Salad

This is without equal age-fighting, ultrahydrating beauty-in-a bowl salad, in particular designed to strengthen your herbal cosmetic from the interior out. Cucumbers nourish your cells, beets and carrots deliver a wholesome colour in your cheeks, and pomegranates ship antioxidants and stay indicators of growing older at bay whilst vegetables lend a hand do away with toxins and upload an additional dose of hydration for a Sakara glow. It’s all sealed with a superfood kiss of diet E–wealthy hemp seeds for pores and skin plumping and chia for robust, shiny hair. Nurture your absolute best self and your shining spirit will radiate your inside cosmetic outward.

Red Beet Burgers

This burger is designed to, like a beet, root you to the earth. The betalain pigments in beets enhance your liver in getting rid of toxins. The enzyme circle of relatives glutathione S transferases (GSTs) hooks up damaging toxins with glutathione for neutralization and removing. We combined those stunning root veggies with black beans, sunflower seeds, and almonds for an additional spice up of plant protein and to meet even your private hungers. Great for days when you want to detox from the craziness of day-to-day lifestyles and get re-grounded to the earth. Eat and repeat: Calm. Cool. Collected. I believe peace.

Superfood Pancakes with Chia-berry Compote and Lemon-cashew Crème

When we created Sakara, our goal used to be to offer diet and pleasure. We didn’t need the rest to be off-limits, particularly a quintessential breakfast choice like pancakes. In the spirit of stability, we’ve created the very best mix of indulgence and sustenance: a piping-hot tall stack loaded with plant-derived protein, with layers of clean berry and chia compote and creamy, citrus-spiked crème slathered in between, like a breakfast-y bare cake.

margarita, cocktail, mezcal, turmeric, agave
margarita, cocktail, mezcal, turmeric, agave

Sedona Sunset Margarita

Sunsets are a paranormal second. A marking of time, and an vigorous shift within the day. This margarita is an ode to our Sedona roots, the place the margarita is the unofficial cocktail and the place the sunsets over the crimson rocks remind us of the opportunity of one thing more than ourselves. As we all know that the rest you place into your frame is usually a car for added vitamins—cocktails incorporated—we’ve added a touch of turmeric for its anti inflammatory and well being advantages. We use this cocktail potion as a tonic to go into the night hours with a calm frame and thoughts. If you’ll be able to’t juice your personal turmeric root, one teaspoon of flooring turmeric will paintings simply as neatly. Simply building up the orange juice to three tablespoons.

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and upload the mezcal, turmeric, orange juice, agave nectar, and the juice of one/2 lime. Shake neatly.
On a small plate, combine in combination the salt and flooring turmeric.
Run a lime wedge across the rim of a tumbler, then dip the rim within the salt and turmeric combination.
Serve the margarita over ice.

Garnish with a strip of orange zest, a lime wedge, and visions of lovely crimson and red skies.

Makes 1 cocktail

¼ cup (60 ml) mezcal
2 tablespoons juiced turmeric root
2 tablespoons juiced turmeric root
1 tablespoon agave nectar
1 lime
Lime wedges
1 teaspoon coarse Himalayan salt
1 teaspoon flooring turmeric