Exodus Render 4G LTE Verizon Cellular Trail Camera | User Friendly | Easy Setup | Fastest Transmission Speeds | Control Camera Remotely | Black Flash | Free Premium App Features | 5 Year Warranty

Price: $335.00
(as of May 18,2021 18:03:39 UTC – Details)

The Exodus Render 4G LTE Verizon Cellular Trail Cameras pairs the industry most reliable trail camera company with the nation’s most reliable cellular coverage. With Exodus Render by getting photos and videos sent straight to your phone, tablet, or computer. Over the Air capabilities allow users to control the camera remotely through the mobile app or website. Changing settings, updating FW, and camera manage is simple, reliable, and fast! No more traveling to pull SD cards, save time and money with the Exodus Render! With our shared plans user’s have the ability to run as many cameras as desired on a single data plan! No more separate plans for multiple devices that creates a inefficient scenario and quite frankly a pain in the butt. All billing is managed with the app or website in a simple convenient manner with no contracts. You are free to use the cellular services month to month as you wish and with no cellular plan you can still use the Render as a standard SD card camera. The common troubles and frustrations of cellular trail camera are now solved with the Exodus Render 4GV cellular trail camera. With class leading specifications the Exodus Render does everything a cellular trail camera should while keeping operations simple and easy to use for even the newest of cellular trail camera users!

[BROADEST US 4G LTE COVERAGE] Connected by Verizon 4G/LTE network, the most dependable LTE network nationwide. The Exodus Render offers a great option to remotely monitor wildlife and/or a mobile surveillance solution. No Wi-Fi required. Works anywhere within the US with Verizon cellular coverage.
[EASY AND FAST SETUP] Setup and Activation is a breeze with our auto scan technology. You can be up and running in less than 5 minutes.
[INDUSTRY LEADING PHOTO QUALITY] While other cell cameras have limited compression software, giving less than desirable transmitted photos/videos, the Exodus Render is optimized to provide clear day and night images with industry leading compression software. In addition to the standard transmitted files, the Render gives you the ability to request HD full resolution images remotely from the app.
[BROAD RANGE OF USE CASES] Customizable upload settings ranging from Real Time to 24 Hr batch uploads. Giving you the option of receiving your photos/videos seconds after they were taken or conserve battery life by receiving your photos/videos once per day.
[COMPLETE CAMERA CONTROL REMOTLEY] Mobile app for iOS and Android offers full control over the camera remotely while being the simplest easy to use yet most intuitive mobile app available. FW updates, setting changes, SD formatting, photo/video downloads, and take photo/video requests are all possible without being at the camera location. While other cell cameras charge extra for premium features, with the Exodus Render this is a free of charge service within the mobile app and/or webportal.