Falcon & The Winter Soldier Super Bowl Trailer Breakdown: 24 Story Reveals

Marvel launched a brand new trailer for The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Disney+ TV sequence on the 2021 Super Bowl, and here is a breakdown of all of the primary tale takeaways and Easter eggs. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4 was once unfortunately not on time because of the coronavirus pandemic, however it’s changing into a truth ultimately in 2021. The MCU may be converting form, with Marvel Studios benefiting from the Disney+ streaming carrier to free up quite a few TV displays that can intertwine carefully with the films themselves. The first of those, WandaVision, has confirmed an incredible luck, and March will see the release of the second one MCU Disney+ display, The Falcon & The Winter Soldier.

Marvel and Disney have lengthy used Super Bowl for high-profile teaser drops, and lovers eagerly expected a 2nd trailer for The Falcon & The Winter Soldier. They weren’t dissatisfied, with the discharge of a full-length two-minute trailer that blends previously-seen pictures with some surprising new pictures and a few thrilling unearths. What’s extra, this new trailer drops some tantalizing hints about the real tale, after all confirming the position of Daniel Brühl’s Baron Zemo – the villain who tore the Avengers aside in Captain America: Civil War, and is returning on Disney+.

In stylistic phrases, the trailer confirms this Disney+ display could be very a lot within the taste of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Numerous those scenes had been considered prior to, so listed below are all of the primary new takeaways and Easter eggs from what guarantees to be an action-packed undercover agent drama.

24. Falcon & Winter Soldier Being Debriefed

Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer Debrief

The Falcon & Winter Soldier Super Bowl trailer opens with a shot suggesting Sam and Bucky are operating for some kind of espionage company, and they are reporting in for a debrief. The scene is obviously being performed partially for comedy, with the unidentified lady carrying out the consultation treating them like a bickering married couple. As a laugh as this can be, although, the shot is devoid of recent data; there are not any trademarks on this room, neither is the lady dressed in a lanyard. It seems to be as although she’s making an attempt to get Sam and Bucky to paintings in combination, although, as a result of she opens through asking Bucky, “Why does Sam irritate you?

23. Sam Diving Out Of A Plane

Sam in Falcon & Winter Soldier

In reality, the Falcon & Winter Soldier recycles numerous pictures audience have considered prior to – however contextualizes them in some way that makes them recent and thrilling. As an instance, the brand new trailer displays Sam Wilson imitating Captain America himself through leaping out of a airplane with no parachute – or, it appears, with no plan. The series is prolonged just a little within the Super Bowl trailer, appearing extra of Bucky’s response.

22. A Glimpse Of What May Be Madripoor

Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer Madripoor

Numerous set pictures are set in what seems to be a futuristic Asian town, and that is perhaps the fictitious island country of Madripoor; Falcon & Winter Soldier set photos clearly showed the Madripoor flag, suggesting the 2 Avengers will probably be heading to this notorious X-Men location. Best described because the Mos Eisley Cantina of the X-Men comics, Madripoor is a tropical island ruled through a unmarried town this is divided into two sections – Hightown and Lowtown. Both are similarly corrupt, and Hightown usually serves as a tax haven utilized by legal organizations and terrorists. Most of the motion seems to be to be in Hightown. It’s no doubt thrilling to peer Marvel combine former Fox houses like Madripoor into the MCU so briefly, and it’s going to be attention-grabbing to peer if there are any references to a couple of Hightown’s citizens from the comics – lots of whom are tied to Wolverine.

21. Baron Zemo’s Mission Is Unfinished

Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer Zemo Memorial

Daniel Brühl is returning as Baron Zemo, a vintage Captain America villain who made his debut in Captain America: Civil War. There’s been intense hypothesis over Zemo’s role in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, with some indications he might finish up operating with Sam and Bucky. But the Super Bowl trailer confirms his persona arc is constant, with Zemo proven to nonetheless be grieving for the deaths of his circle of relatives, which he blames at the Avengers. The Sokovian Memorial is written in Serbian (the MCU’s stand-in for Sokovian), and reads, “An indication in reminiscence of…” A voice-over from Zemo verify he stays devoted to ridding the sector of superheroes, it appears now not having accredited the desire for the Avengers even after Thanos.

20. Baron Zemo’s Comic Book Mask

Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer Zemo Mask

Some comedian e-book lovers had been dissatisfied with Zemo’s portrayal in Captain America: Civil War, as a result of he’d been switched up somewhat considerably and did not even put on his vintage red masks from the comics. But it sort of feels the movie was once most effective the start of Zemo’s tale, and in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Super Bowl trailer audience get a glimpse of that iconic masks. Marvel has made Zemo’s mask a big a part of the display’s promotion, and it was once just a topic of time prior to it seemed in a trailer.

19. Flag-Smasher’s Terrorist Group

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Trailer Flag Smasher

Baron Zemo is not the one villain in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, although; the Super Bowl trailer displays a bunch of terrorists who’ve donned mysterious mask. Tie-in products has showed that is the emblem of Flag-Smasher, historically a terrorist adverse to nationalism who introduced a spate of assaults on what he known as “symbols of global separatism.” That naturally method he hates the entirety Captain America stands for. The MCU’s Flag-Smasher turns out to had been gender-swapped, and is an impressive sufficient fighter to provide the Winter Soldier a run for his cash in a single later shot.

18. A Mysterious Military Event

Falcon and Winter Soldier Dress Uniform

There’s a short lived shot of a few primary army tournament, with quite a few squaddies status in get dressed uniform. No context is supplied for this shot, however a later symbol displays Sam Wilson in complete army get dressed – most likely getting ready handy over the defend. It could also be that is in fact a rite in honor of Captain America, with the United States Government opting for to nominate Cap’s successor relatively than settle for Sam.

17. Winter Soldier In A Crowd

Winter Soldier Crowd

The Winter Soldier is in short proven in a crowd gazing – probably on the identical army tournament Sam Wilson is attending. If that is certainly in honor of Steve Rogers, then he is certainly feeling combined feelings, in particular if he is aware of this could be opposite to his previous pal’s needs. Given Chris Evans is in talks to return in the MCU’s Phase 4, it is attention-grabbing to invest how Cap himself would really feel about all this.

16. Sam Wilson & Captain America’s Shield

Falcon and Winter Soldier Sam Holding Shield

Avengers: Endgame ended with Steve Rogers opting for Sam Wilson as the following Captain America, however sadly it seems to be as although the United States Government has different concepts. In reality, Sam may have some issue making a powerful case for why he must be Steve Rogers’ successor, just because he is almost definitely conserving out on Cap’s true destiny. Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s “In Memoriam” phase steered the Avengers claimed Captain America died combating Thanos, relatively than disclose to the sector that they had found out how you can go back and forth in time. And so, relatively than honor Rogers’ want, the United States Government is ready to nominate their very own Captain America – the United States Agent. One shot within the Falcon & Winter Soldier Super Bowl trailer displays Sam Wilson in complete army get dressed staring mournfully on the defend. It’s most probably he is simply been informed to provide it up.

15. Sam Wilson Trains  With Captain America’s Shield

Falcon Trains With Shield

There’s a short lived shot of Sam Wilson coaching with Captain America’s defend. This, once more, is a slight growth on acquainted pictures – considered in the MCU’s Disney+ trailer all of the long ago in February 2020. It’s already identified Sam may not see fast luck with the defend, as on no less than one instance he will get it caught in a tree. This time, the defend seems to be stuck through Bucky – however Sam mustn’t really feel unhealthy about that, since the Winter Soldier may just even catch the defend when it was once thrown through Steve Rogers.

14. Falcon Versus Paratroopers – Possibly Hydra Agents

Paratroopers HYRDA in Falcon & Winter Soldier

Another acquainted shot from the Disney+ trailer again in February 2020 displays mysterious paratroopers attractive Falcon in struggle. These brokers are the usage of a standard SHIELD skydive go well with of the kind considered in Spider-Man: Far From Home, however their colours are in particular attention-grabbing; within the comics, inexperienced and yellow are in fact the colours of Hydra brokers. This temporary shot might smartly trace on the go back of Hydra, closing considered at the large display in Avengers: Age of Ultron however showed to nonetheless exist when their representatives tried to buy Pym Particles in Ant-Man.

13. Falcon & Winter Soldier At A Madripoor Nightclub

Falcon and Winter Soldier Nightclub

Much of the center phase of the Falcon & Winter Soldier Super Bowl trailer merely contextualizes what has been considered prior to. Numerous pictures are taken from what appears to be a big piece, set round what seems like a Hightown ingesting status quo in Madripoor. Previous pictures steered their try to infiltrate the legal underworld will probably be distinctly uncomfortable, with the 2 heroes in the long run polishing off back-to-back taking a look at a adversarial surroundings.

12. A Madripoor Bar Fight

Falcon and Winter Soldier Bar Fight

True to shape, Falcon and Winter Soldier’s infiltration of the Madripoor bar it seems that turns right into a brawl, which to be honest is just about conventional in any comedian e-book tale that visits a Madripoor ingesting status quo too. It’s attention-grabbing to notice Baron Zemo seems to be within the background right here, gazing – most likely as a short lived best friend, forward of a heel-turn in a while.

11. Falcon’s Action Sequence

Falcon In Flight

The Falcon & Winter Soldier Super Bowl trailer features a temporary shot of what seems to be to be a shocking aerial dogfight. Marvel seem in particular happy with this motion series, as a result of they gave a longer take a look at it within the previous Falcon & Winter Soldier trailer. These aerial dogfights have all the time been a spotlight of films that includes Anthony Mackie’s Falcon, and it is nice to peer that custom persevered.

10. Sharon Carter Confronts Sam & Bucky

Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer Sharon Carter

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier options the go back of Emily VanCamp’s Sharon Carter, niece of Captain America’s nice love Peggy Carter. Merchandise has showed Sharon is at the run for breaking the Sokovia Accords in Captain America: Civil War, when she stole Captain America’s defend and Falcon’s wings as a way to arm the fugitive Avengers. If Sharon wasn’t snapped when Thanos erased part the lifestyles within the universe, then she can have been a fugitive herself for seven years now.

9. Sharon Carter Proves Her Combat Skills

Falcon and Winter Soldier Sharon Carter Action

Sharon Carter did not precisely get numerous persona construction within the Captain America movies – she was once mainly simply some other love hobby for Steve Rogers, albeit a relatively traumatic one given he’d been in love along with her aunt. But the Falcon & Winter Soldier Super Bowl trailer confirms she’ll be a power to be reckoned with now, in a very good motion series showcasing Sharon’s fight talents. She’s obviously one in every of SHIELD’s best possible, explaining how she’s controlled to evade her pursuers for goodbye.

8. Falcon Attacks From The Sky

Falcon and Winter Soldier Falcon Attacks

The Falcon & Winter Soldier Super Bowl trailer displays Sam Wilson swooping down upon Flag-Smasher, who’s status at the roof of a truck. The previous trailer steered Flag-Smasher would some kind of heist, stealing this truck as a way to retrieve its contents, and probably Falcon and Winter Soldier will try to prevent her. It’s attention-grabbing to notice Flag-Smasher is status somewhat conveniently on most sensible of a shifting truck, and not using a signal of being suffering from the wind, most likely suggesting she is a super-soldier of a few sort.

7. US Agent At The Super Bowl

Another piece of recycled pictures displays US Agent making his debut on the Super Bowl, to the cheering of the crowds. This is John Walker, the United States Government’s selection for Captain America, in the comics, John Walker has been a hero, a villain, and just about the entirety in between; he was once to begin with celebrated as Steve Rogers’ successor, however went over the threshold when he brutally attacked a couple of supervillains, Left-Winger and Right-Winger, to avenge the homicide of his oldsters. This is the 3rd time Marvel has included the Super Bowl into their trailers in an amusingly meta contact; they used a shot of a abandoned stadium in Avengers: Endgame‘s Super Bowl trailer, and this identical shot of US Agent closing 12 months.

6. An Acrobatic Action Sequence Demonstrates Falcon’s Skills

Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer Sam Wings Shield

Sam Wilson will have given up Steve Rogers’ defend, however that does not imply he is defenseless; as considered in Captain America: Civil War, he is in a position to make use of his personal wings as a bulletproof defend as smartly. The Super Bowl trailer for The Falcon & The Winter Soldier displays simply how professional Falcon is together with his wings, as he without difficulty transitions from remarkable wing-propelled acrobatics to protecting himself in an issue of moments.

5. Falcon & Winter Soldier On The Run

Falcon and Winter Soldier On The Run

It seems to be as although Sam and Bucky’s infiltration of Madripoor’s crime scene is destined to head badly unsuitable, with the 2 heroes proven at the run from a hail of bullets. The garments Bucky is dressed in are the similar as in trailers appearing him attractive in a high-speed motorbike chase, so it is affordable to think Bucky will scouse borrow a motorbike and lead the gunmen away whilst Sam – who is with out his Falcon wings, in fact – escapes.

4. Sam Throws The Shield

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Sam Shield

One of essentially the most thrilling pictures within the Super Bowl trailer displays Falcon throwing Captain America’s shield. This is in fact the primary shot up to now of Sam the usage of the defend in motion, relatively than both coaching with it or – perhaps – about to provide it up. In the comics, the United States Agent proved a singularly unworthy Captain America, going rogue; assuming the tale performs out the similar means within the MCU, this shot could also be against the top of the sequence, with Sam grabbing a defend whose legacy has been sullied and claiming it as his personal.

3. Baron Zemo Causes An Explosion

Falcon and Winter Soldier Zemo Explosion

The Falcon & Winter Soldier Super Bowl trailer strikes on to turn a mysterious explosion. There’s no context for this shot in any respect, so it is just about unimaginable to mention what is in fact happening; however should you glance carefully, Baron Zemo is stood on the foreground, even dressed in his trademark masks from the comics. It’s affordable to think he’s the person who has led to this explosion, for unknown causes.

2. A Battle On Top Of A Truck

Falcon and Winter Soldier Truck

The Super Bowl trailer for The Falcon & The Winter Soldier returns to the enigmatic truck heist, and it seems to be as although it’s not going smartly for Bucky – the Winter Soldier is thrown off, the usage of his cyborg arm to seize cling of it and forestall himself falling to the street. Again, this pictures is not in particular new, however that is the primary time Falcon’s jokey remark has been proven. “That little woman kicked yo’ a**,” he tells Bucky with pride. The Flag-Smashers in reality should not be in a position to carry their very own in opposition to the Winter Soldier, once more supporting the speculation super-soldier serum is concerned in some way. Falcon hurriedly dodges beneath the vehicles together with his wings when he sees a automobile arising – some other shot considered prior to.

1. The Debrief Becomes A Staring Contest

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Staring Contest

The Falcon & Winter Soldier Super Bowl trailer makes use of the debrief as a framing software, starting and finishing with the standard Marvel humor. Now, the dynamic between Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes feels relatively extra like two kids who refuse to get alongside, and they are locked in what appears to be a staring contest. It’s fully conceivable the 2 are intentionally appearing up as a way to finish up the lady who’s debriefing them – and if that is so, it seems like their trick is operating.