Grounding Brand Flat Full Size Sheet with Earth Connection Cable, 400TC Conductive Mat with Pure Silver Thread for Better Sleep and Healthy Earth Energy, Natural Tan

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The Finest Available! 95% Soft, Renewable 400tc Cotton, 5% Pure Silver Grounding

Grounding Brand sheets and pillowcases are crafted from a premium blend of 400 thread count, high-quality, soft, washable and natural cotton thread (95 percent) embedded with a special, conductive antistatic metal mesh check pattern made of pure silver (5 percent). Does not use electricity.

Keeping You Connected With Mother Earth

Do you recall walking barefoot along wet sand at the beach or on a field of dew-moistened grass? Do you remember feeling some tingling in your feet or legs, or a sense of warmth or well-being rising up into your body? That sensation is the result of direct barefoot contact with the surface of the Earth, which brims with natural, subtle energy. The Earth you see, is an electrical planet and you are a bio-electrical being. Your body functions electrically. Your heart and nervous system are prime examples. Emerging science reveals that direct contact with the ground allows you to receive an energy infusion, compliments of Mother Earth. This energy infusion is powerful stuff. It can restore and stabilize the bio-electrical circuitry that governs your physiology and organs, harmonize your basic biological rhythms, boost self-healing mechanisms, reduce inflammation, pain and improve your sleep and feeling of calmness. When these things happen, you feel better in a big way.

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Sleeping with our Grounded bed sheets will connect you to the earth’s essential energy so you can experience effortless health benefits and electrostatic shielding protection. 400TC fabric with pure silver grid cloth guards against and reduces fatigue caused by exposure to your laptop computer, pc, electronics and other sources of EMF discharge. May take up to a few weeks to notice changes as healing therapy is gradual.

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Our 400TC Grounding Brand Sheets and Pillowcases include a 16 foot grounding wire designed to plug into the ground port of your wall outlet or grounded rod, connecting you to the earth while you sleep. When connected to the Earth’s natural electron current, many people experience positive health benefits like deeper, better quality sleep, less stress, more energy, improved circulation, reduced inflammation, faster recovery from trauma, accelerated wound healing, body detoxification, relief of muscle headaches and muscle tension, reduced menstrual symptoms, reduced or eliminated chronic pain, and a natural feeling of wellness, calm and balance in the root chakra.

Sleep Longer and Deeper While Grounded!

Improve your sleep and promote a deeper sleep which will increase your daily energy and vitality!

Blood flows more freely throughout your body

Electrons move freely between the earth and the grounded human body. Thins the blood and improves blood pressure and flow while normalizing the body’s biological rhythm.

Wake Up With More Energy When You Sleep Grounded!

Lessen hormonal and menstrual symptoms

Speeds healing time and can help prevent bedsores

Reduce or eliminate jet lag

Protect the body against potentially harmful electromagnetic fields

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Date First Available‏:‎April 22, 2020