HAPPY CAMPERS Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment – 64 Treatments

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Product Description

Happy Camper RV Holding Tank Treatment 100% Organic – 64 Treatments

Not handiest is Happy Camper top-of-the-line scent neutralizer, additionally it is essentially the most value efficient product in the marketplace. Happy Camper’s extremely concentrated water-activated mineral mix removes scent with out masking it up with fragrance like lots of the chemical deodorant therapies. Happy Camper works maximum like an enzyme or bioactive remedy however isn’t suffering from residuals (earlier tank remedy chemical compounds) and in contrast to enzyme therapies you don’t want to often upload extra remedy.

Happy Camper’s efficiency isn’t suffering from excessive sizzling or chilly temperatures and isn’t destructive to the surroundings, in reality it’s biodegradable. Happy Camper is a extremely concentrated monohydrate mix of minerals and micro vitamins with sufficient waste treating energy that 1 scoop of Happy Camper will deal with a 40 gallon black tank and every other scoop will deal with your gray tank.

When introduced with a specifically cussed maintaining tank factor our carrier division will depend on Happy Campers skill to damage down waste inside a couple of hours of remedy. We have had shoppers file they’ve used the Happy Camper maintaining tank remedy to get rid of clogs in kitchen sinks and showers with out being worried about harmful their RV’s plumbing.

ODOR FREE: Eliminates odors within the RV maintaining tank. Absolutely no chemical or sewer scent.
Biodegradable, environmentally pleasant, septic tank pleasant
EFFECTIVE: In excessive sizzling & chilly temperatures ( over 100°)
EXTENDED DUMP INTERVAL: Keeps on running ( do not need so as to add extra ahead of dumping )
LIQUIFY: Waste solids & maximum atypical family tissue ( no pricey particular tissue wanted )