Kidde KN-COPE-IC AC Photoelectric Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm Hardwired With Battery Backup

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(as of Jun 23,2021 15:48:51 UTC – Details)

The Kidde Front-Loading Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm (phase # 21007624) provides coverage from two hazards – hearth and CO – in a single unit. This AC-wire with battery backup alarm emits a beeping tone adopted through a voice caution that obviously publicizes the chance through announcing, “Fire! Fire! ” or “Warning! Carbon Monoxide! ”. The uniquely designed entrance loading battery compartment makes battery alternative fast and simple, and guarantees correct set up. Manufactured with photoelectric sensors for detecting smoke and hearth, this alarm additionally comprises the arena’s maximum correct CO sensing generation in line with claims through primary producers. Architectural and Engineering Specifications – The aggregate smoke and carbon monoxide alarm can be Kidde Unit Number KN-COPE-I (phase quantity 900-0213) or accepted equivalent. It can be powered through 120VAC, 60Hz supply with a 9V battery backup. The temperature working vary can be between 40°F and 100°F (4°C and 38°C) and the humidity working vary can be 5% – 85% relative humidity. The unit shall incorporate a photoelectric smoke sensor with nominal sensitivity of two. 05%/toes. The CO sensor can be of a gas cellular design and shall meet the sensitivity necessities of Underwriters Laboratories UL2034 Single and Multiple Station Carbon Monoxide Detectors. The unit shall qualify for UL-approved wording at the package deal: “World’s Most Accurate Carbon Monoxide Alarm”. The aggregate alarm can also be put in at the floor of any wall or ceiling following the UL/NFPA/Manufacturer’s really useful placement pointers. The alarm can also be put in on any usual unmarried gang electric field, as much as a 4”octagon junction field. The electric connection (to the alarm) can be made with a plug-in connector. The unit shall supply non-compulsory tamper resistance that deters removing of the unit from the wall or ceiling. No further items can be required to turn on this option. A most of 24 Kidde units can also be interconnected in a a couple of station association. The interconnect machine will have to no longer exceed the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) prohibit of 18 starting up units, of which 12 can also be smoke alarms. With 18 starting up units (smoke, warmth, CO, and so forth.), interconnected, it’s nonetheless conceivable to interconnect 6 strobe lighting fixtures and or relay modules. The alarm shall come with a check button that can electronically simulate the presence of smoke and CO and purpose the unit to enter each modes of alarm. This series exams the unit’s electronics to make sure correct operation. The CO sensor won’t alarm to ranges of CO under 30 ppm and can alarm within the following time vary when uncovered to the corresponding ranges of CO. 70 ppm CO Concentration 60 – 240 mins 150 ppm CO Concentration 10 – 50 mins 400 ppm CO Concentration 4 – quarter-hour The aggregate alarm shall have two strategies of caution for risk: a piezoelectric horn this is rated at 85 decibels at 10 toes and a voice caution that identifies the chance. For a CO incident, the horn will sound within the repetitive means – 4 (4) rapid beeps, a brief pause, 4 (4) rapid beeps, a brief pause. In between, the unit will announce “Warning Carbon Monoxide! ” In a Smoke incident, the horn will sound within the repetitive means – 3 (3) beeps, a pause, 3 (3) beeps, a pause. In between, the unit will announce “Fire! Fire! ” The unit shall incorporate 2 LED’s. A inexperienced LED can be secure on when AC energy is provide, flash each and every 30 seconds when within the battery simplest mode, each and every 16 seconds to signify alarm reminiscence, and each and every 2 seconds to signify the Hush“ mode is energetic. A crimson LED will flash in unison with the sounder development. The unit shall come with the Smart Hush characteristic that silences the unit for about 8 mins if a nuisance alarm situation happens. The Green LED at the alarm will flash each and every 2 seconds whilst in Smart Hush and can robotically reset itself. It additionally supplies voice annunciation of “Hush Activated” when Smart Hush is activated and “Hush Cancelled” when the Hush cycle ends. The unit shall additionally point out a low battery caution using every of the next strategies: a short lived alarm chirp, the voice announcement of “Low Battery! ” The unit shall at a minimal meet the necessities of UL 2034, UL217, NFPA72, (bankruptcy 11 2002 version) The State of California Fire Marshall, NFPA101 (One and two circle of relatives dwellings) Federal Housing Authority (FHA), Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It shall additionally come with a 10-year producer’s restricted . Claim accepted through UL, in line with producer’s reported trying out.
Provides coverage from hearth and carbon monoxide in a single unit with Photoelectric sensor.
Fire Warning: The crimson LED will flash and be accompanied through 3 lengthy alarm beeps adopted through a verbal caution message “FIRE FIRE ”. The alarm will repeat development till unit is reset or smoke is eradicated.
Carbon Monoxide Warning: Four quick alarm beeps adopted through a verbal caution “WARNING CARBON MONOXIDE ” This continues till the unit is reset or the CO is eradicated.
Low Battery Warning: One chirp adopted through caution “LOW BATTERY”. The crimson LED mild will flash. This development will proceed each and every minute for the primary hour. After the primary hour the crimson LED mild will flash as soon as each and every minute accompanied through the chirp sound. The “LOW BATTERY” caution will simplest sound as soon as each and every fifteen mins. Voice Hush Indication: “HUSH ACTIVATED” and “HUSH CANCELLED” voice announcement
Alarm Memory: The inexperienced LED will blink as soon as each and every 16 seconds to alert a person when the unit has alarmed for smoke or has detected a focus of CO. If the alarm has detected a CO stage of 100ppm or higher, when the Test/Reset button is pressed the unit will announce “CO PREVIOUSLY DETECTED”. If the alarm has detected bizarre ranges of smoke since its remaining check, it’s going to produce 3 speedy beeps.