Mist UKF8001 Replacement For Whirlpool Maytag, 4396395, EDR4RXD1, Pur Filter 4, Kenmore 46-9005, Refrigerator Water Filter

Price: $19.99
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Product Description

Mist Refrigerator Water Filter 4, UKF8001, 4396395, EDR4RXD1, Pur Filter 4, Kenmore 46-9005 GraphicMist Refrigerator Water Filter 4, UKF8001, 4396395, EDR4RXD1, Pur Filter 4, Kenmore 46-9005 Graphic

Mist Whirlpool Maytag, 4396395, EDR4RXD1, Pur Filter 4, Kenmore 46-9005, Refrigerator Water FilterMist Whirlpool Maytag, 4396395, EDR4RXD1, Pur Filter 4, Kenmore 46-9005, Refrigerator Water Filter


Giving you blank, great-tasting water

Tested and licensed through NSF (Certificate C0436300, 2018) towards same old 42 for fabrics and structural integrity necessities

Long lasting for as much as six months or 300 gallons.

Easy and fast set up.

100% dedicated for your pleasure.

Compatible with Following Models:

Amana: WF50, OWF50, WF51, OWF51, WF50-NI300, OWF50-NI300, WF50-KNI300
Sears/Kenmore: 46-9005, 4690005, 9005, 9005P, 46-9006, 469006, 9006, 9006P, 46-9992, 469992, 9992, 9992P, 469005750
Puriclean II: 670032526, 67003527, 67003528
Maytag (EveryDrop): UKF8001, UKF8001AXX, UKF8001-750, UKF8001P, UKF8001AXXP, EDR4RXD1, 67002269, 67002671, 67003523, 67003526
Whirlpool (EveryDrop): EDR4RXD1, OWF51, WF50-NI500, WF50-WI500, 67003523, WF50-NI300
Kitchenaid: 43966395, 8171032, 8171249, KBFS25ETSS01

Compatible with the next generic alternative portions: EBL7770, PG-8001 PL-400, RWF0900A, MPF15090, Freshflow 4, CWMF004, RWF1040, DWF-9, SGF-M9, AQF-UKF8001 FL-RF07, WS607B

unique filtration systemunique filtration system

Compatible Refrigerator Models:

AFD2535DEB, AFD2535DEB10, AFD2535DEB11, AFD2535DEB14, AFD2535DEB5, AFD2535DEB6, AFD2535DEB7, AFD2535DEB8, AFD2535DEB9, AFD2535DES, AFD2535DEW, AFD2535DEW10, AFD2535DEW11, AFD2535DEW14, AFD2535DEW5, AFD2535DEW6, AFD2535DEW7, AFD2535DEW8, AFD2535DEW9, AFD2535FES, AFD2535FES11, AFD2535FES12, AFD2535FES3, AFD2535FES4, AFD2535FES5, AFD2535FES6, AFD2535FES7, AFD2535FES8, AFD2535FES9, AFI2538AES4, AFI2538AEW, AFI2538AEW00, AFI2538AEW12, AFI2538AEW13, AFI2538AEW3, AFI2538AEW4, AFI2538AEW5, AFI2539ERM00, AFI2539ERM01, AFI2539ERM03, ARB9058CS, ARS2661BW, ARSE665BS, ASD2620HRZ, ASD2624HES, ASD2625KEW, ASD2626HEB, ASD2627KES, GI7FVCXXY01, JBL2088HES, JBL2088HES13, JBL2088HES4, JBL2088HES5, JBL2088WEM1, JCB2059GES, JCB2059GES-PJCB2059GS0, JCB2059GES-PJCB2059GS1, JCD2290HES, JCD2295HES, JCD2295KES, JCD2297KEY, JFC2087HRP, JFC2089BEM00, JFC2089BEP00, JFC2089HEP, JFC2089HEP13, JFC2089HEP4, JFC2089HEP5, JFC2089HEP6, JFC2089HPY, JFC2089HPY12, JFC2089HPY3, JFC2089HPY4, JFC2089HTB, JFC2089HTB12, JFC2089HTB3, JFC2089HTB4, JFC2089WEM6, JFC2089WEP, JFC2089WEP0, JFC2089WEP1, JFC2089WEP11, JFC2089WEP2, JFC2089WEP3, JFC2089WEP4, JFC2089WEP5, JFC2089WEP6, JFC2089WEP7, JFC2089WEP9, JFC2290REM, JFC2290REM00, JFC2290VEM8, JFC2290VEP, JFC2290VEP1, JFC2290VEP10, JFC2290VEP2, JFC2290VEP3, JFC2290VEP4, JFC2290VEP5, JFC2290VEP6, JFC2290VEP7, JFC2290VEP8, JFI2089AEP, JFI2089AEP10, JFC2089BEM, JFC2089BEM01, JFC2089BEP, JFC2089BEP01, JFC2290REP, JFC2290REP00, JFC2290RTB, JFC2290RTB00, JFI2089AEP12, JFI2089AEP13, JFI2089AEP2, JFI2089AEP3, JFI2089AEP4, JFI2089AEP5, JFI2089AEP6, JFI2089AEP7, JFI2089AEP8, JFI2089AEP9, JFX2597AEM3, JFX2597AEP0, JFX2597AEP2, JFX2597AEP3, JSD2695KES, JSD2695KGW, KBFS22EWMS9, KBFS25ETSS01, KRFC300ESS01, MFC2061HEW, MFC2061HEW13, MFC2061HEW4, MFC2061HEW5, MFC2062FEZ00, MFD2560HEW, MFI2568AEB, MFI2568AEB12, MFI2568AEB13, MFI2568AEQ, MFI2568AEQ12, MFI2568AEQ13, MFI2568AES, MFI2568AES12, MFI2568AES13, MFX2570AEM0, PARB9058CS0, PARB9058CS1, PARS2661BW0, PARSE665BS0, PARSE665BS1, WRF555SDFZ00, WRF555SDFZ02, WRF555SDFZ04, WRF555SDFZ08, WRF555SDFZ05, WRX735SDHZ, WRX735SDHZ01

Water only

Water only



NSF 42 Certification Graphic

NSF 42 Certification Graphic

Water most effective, not anything else.

Clean, great-tasting water is among the cornerstones of a wholesome and glad lifestyles. But why pay for bottled water when you’ll clear out your individual at house with out the additional value, bother, and environmental footprint? Our filters are the technique to having natural and blank water at your fingertips with the convenience of merely pushing a button.

Unique Filtration System

We use a fine quality carbon block made out of a singular coconut shell. The porous construction supplies absorption and dependable coverage from elements that don’t belong in ingesting water. With our clear out, the helpful minerals and fluorides stay within the water whilst the damaging debris are filtered out, leaving you with the most efficient water conceivable.

Certified Performance

Our filters are examined and licensed through NSF International (Certificate C0436300, 2018) NSF has ran in depth trying out to be sure that each and every side of our filters is on par with their rigorous requirements.

Filter Life • 200 gallons

Flow Rate • .528 gpm

Operating Pressure • 20-120 psi

Operating Temperature • 34-100°

our filters are solutionour filters are solution

Water dispenserWater dispenser

A Healthy Life Starts with Clean Water

Our clear out is the very best technique to protective your self and your circle of relatives from deficient water high quality and a continuing buildup of filtered minerals on your fridge water dispenser. Using a Mist clear out, you’ll be assured that you simply and your circle of relatives shall be ingesting blank and recent water day by day. Each sip will refill your frame and refresh your thoughts. Enjoy recent filtered water proper from your own home!

Water dispenserWater dispenser

High high quality, inexpensive activated carbon clear out alternative for Filter 4 UKF8001 Compatible with Whirlpool, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Maytag and Amana
Reduces chlorine to ship natural blank and refreshing water.
Mist clear out line through TransparentWater the Higher same old in inexpensive water filtering. Guaranteed pleasure or 100% a reimbursement
Long lasting as much as six months or 200 gallons.
Tested and licensed through NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 42. Will have compatibility and lock in all appropriate fridges. Guaranteed.

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