Onyx Dragons: Malachite: Dragon Alien Billionaire Warrior Romance (7 Virgin Brides for 7 Weredragon Billionaires Book 1)

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Dragon shifter CEO, Malachite “Mal” Onyx, doesn’t have time for relationships.

But the gruff billionaire has no selection. He will have to marry a human feminine and bring dragonlets, or go back to his house planet and take the claw of historic Empress Horribus.

Where can he discover a keen feminine? One with comfortable brown hair, mouthwatering curves, and who lighting fixtures his soul on hearth.

Like that mysterious intern, Cheryl…

Cheryl has been secretly drooling over her smokin’ scorching boss for months. Then, his marriage be offering lands on her cramped table.

What’s a shy intern to do? Should she run from the impossible to resist dragon and his toe-curling kisses?

Or give in?

A dragon male hasn’t ever dared to show down the Empress. The whole universe is set to be rocked by means of a shy, curvy feminine from a backwater little planet named Earth!