R3D Mini FDM 3D Printers,Premium Quality & Precision with Sturdy 1-Piece All-Metal Enclosed Housing,Heated Removable Magnetic Build Plate, Stable XYZ Construction and Resume Printing,SD & USB Print

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Product Description

R3D MINI 3DPrinter Use SceneR3D MINI 3DPrinter Use Scene

One-piece all metal frame

One-piece all metal frame

XYZ Construction

XYZ Construction

Resume Printing

Resume Printing

One-Piece All-metal Lasing Welding Frame

One-piece all metal lasing welding frame, which make printer body more sturdy and frame more stable and ensure 3D models printing more precision and lower printing vibration and noise.

Sturdy XYZ Construction

Sturdy XYZ construction ensure more stable and more precise printing quality, especially for printing the larger 3D models.

Printing Resume Against Power Failure

Comes with resume printing function against power failure,once electrical power OFF/failed, prints can be resumed from the last layer,saving your time and reducing your waste.

HD Full Color Touch Screen

HD Full Color Touch Screen

Aluminum Heat and Fast Heat Up Build Platform

Aluminum Heat and Fast Heat Up Build Platform

Double Cooling Fans

Double Cooling Fans

HD Full Color Touch Screen & Friendly UI

HD full color touch screen, Friendly UI system, multi-languages support,touch screen design, simple operation

One Piece Aluminum Alloy Heatbed and Magnetic Removable Build Surface Plate

One-piece aluminum alloy heat platform ensure consistent temperature throughout the build surface,plus magnetic removable plates,make it very easy to remove the printing models after cooling.

Dual Cooling Fans

Dual cooling fans work together with forced flow cooling to make the printer printing more stably and ensure the 3D printers keep working in perfect state.

High precision all metal extrusion

High precision all metal extrusion

Built in LED light

Built in LED light

Hi precision bearings

Hi precision bearings

Patented High Quality All-metal Extruder

Patented high quality all-metal extruder with variable frequency control technology, improves extruding more smoothly and reduces the risk of nozzle clogged, allow to print higher precision models, more enjoy you to build your own 3D world.

Built-in LED Light

Printers are built-in LED Light, it’s much more convenience to monitor and observe printing printing process, especially in the dark condition.

The 3D printers are built-in high precision professional bearings, which are high hardness,high wear resistance, make our printers have a higher printing precision and longer service life

levelling sequence

levelling sequence

levelling distance

levelling distance

Printing Model Show

Printing Model Show

Levelling Sequence

There are 5 points need levelling before start printing ,levelling sequence is 4 corner points first, then levelling the middle points.

NOTICE: it’s necessary to put the printing head to “home position” before every time levelling. Home position path: Tool/Move/the house icon.

Levelling Gap

A proper levelling gap is essential to print successfully, the gap standard is about 0.1mm, approximately equal to the thickness of 1 sheet A4 paper.

Printing Model Show

Model Material: PLA

Print Precision: 0.15 mm

Print Speed: 50 mm/s

Model Size W/D/H: 55x55x120 mm

Print Time-consuming: 6.8 h

R3D Printer Parameters

Machine Color/Body Material

Black/ Pressed Steel

Machine Size/Build Size Volume

325*303*428mm / 150*150*220mm

Printing Speed

20-150 mm/s

Machine/Printing Precision

Z-axis 0.0025mm, XY-axis 0.011mm /Printing: 0.1-0.2mm (depending on printing speed and detailing 3d model)

Layer Thickness

0.05-0.3mm (adjustable by software)

Support Filament

PLA/ABS/PETG/PVA 1.75mm filament

Input Rated Voltage/Power

120V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz ,120W

Nozzle Size


Extruder Velocity

30 cc/h

Extruder Temperature


Heated Bed Temperature


3D Files Format Support


Workstation Compatibility

Windows /Linux/MAC OS


SD card or USB connection

Packing Size




Main filaments setting parametersMain filaments setting parameters

【Sturdy 1-Piece All-Metal Case & Stable XYZ Construction & Large Build Volume】One-piece All-metal lasing welding frame and XYZ construction,which make a more stable construction and lower working vibrations and printing noise,there are also the basic of high precision printing; besides,large build volume 150x150x220mm provides more creation possibility.
【Resume Printing & High Precision All-copper Patented Extruder】R3D MINI printer comes with printing resume function against power failure,once electrical power OFF/failed, printing can be resumed from the lastest layer, saving your time and reducing waste and money; Besides,patented all-copper extruder with variable frequency control and dual cooling fans,greatly lower the clogging risk and improve printing quality especially for long time continuously printing and larger size models printing.
【Fast Heating Up and Brand Safety & Smart Power Supply】R3D 3D printers are built-in branded MeanWell 350W UL listed power supply,ensure to provide safe,stable,lower noise and sufficient power to 3D printers,3 minutes to heat build platform up to 210℃【Note】MeanWell power supply provides full protections as Short Circuit/Overload/Over Voltage/Over Temperature.
【Full Color Touch Screen & User Friendly UI & Muti-filaments Support】Full color touch screen,multi-language support and user friendly UI, compatible with Windows XP /Vista/7/8/10,Mac OS and Linux,make operation easy and enjoyable; Besides, the 3d printers are compatible with most of 1.75mm printing filaments in the market,such as PLA,ABS,PVA,PETG.etc.
【Warranty & Service】We provide 1 year warranty/30 days return and money-back service,plus lifetime technical support and 24 hours professional customer service.(contact us: just click “Contact Seller” in your Amazon order history.) ”