The Complete Dark Days Series: A Post-Apocalyptic, Grid-Down Survival Series

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The USA Today Best-Selling Author of The Last War series, The Age of Embers series, and Dark Days of the After presents The Complete Dark Days series. 

All seven high-octane, #1 selling post-apocalyptic books have garnered nearly five hundred combined reviews with a 4.8 star average and tons of praise. 

NEW RELEASE SALE! For the first time ever, and for an extremely limited time, you can read all seven ebooks in the Dark Days of the After series in one complete collection for 40% off the list price!  This brand new omnibus edition includes Dark Days of the Albatross, the hard-hitting, much-loved addition to the series previously published in the USA Today Bestselling Origins of Honor collection.

Foreign forces occupy America…

….while Resistance forces quietly gather…

….neither knowing an EMP is about to change everything.


“Buckle up your seat belts, charge your Kindle and try to settle in for this outstanding novel! I will read on as I loved the character development, the rich descriptions and also a plot that was so believable.”

– Serenity, Amazon HALL OF FAME TOP 10 Reviewer ★★★★★


Logan Cahill, Skylar Madigan, and Harper Whitaker are part of a growing underground effort to reclaim occupied America.  But when Logan is alerted to a cryptic message in the world’s largest server room, one leading him to a doomsday clock, everything changes. 

Logan now knows the enemies, the weapons, and the time of America’s death, right down to the minute.

If he and his friends want to survive the apocalypse, Logan, Harper, and Skylar have to bug out fast, leaving behind the big city they know in favor of the southern Oregon town of Five Falls. 

This has challenges of its own…

With no power, no heat, and a total grid collapse, tough times keep on getting tougher.  All this before the cities go on lockdown and Five Falls becomes the prime target for America’s most formidable enemy.

The Complete Dark Days Series puts ordinary citizens, preppers, and patriots on the front line of a domestic conflict that was never supposed to happen, one that will either unify the country or break her for good.

This intense new tale of strength, survival, and patriotism reads like a theme park roller coaster moving at breakneck speed. If you have ever wondered how you would survive a national takeover during a grid-down scenario, you are going to love this jaw-dropping post-apocalyptic tour de force.


“What a gut wrenching, page turning, sit on the edge of your seat book! The author does an amazing job of making the characters come to life and you feel connected to them in an emotional way.”

– BJ Gilbert, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

“Ryan Schow delivers strong plot lines, well developed characters and weaves love, fear, trust, deceit into a complex world of the apocalypse.”

– Carol, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★



• The Last Light of Day

• Dark Days of the After

• Dark Days of the Surge

• Dark Days of the Apostasy

• Dark Days of the Albatross

• Dark Days of the Enclave

• Dark Days of the Purge

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