WiFi Door Alarm System(2nd Gen), Smart Home Alarm Security System DIY, with Phone Alert, 8 Pieces-Kit (Alarm Siren, Door Window Sensors, Remotes), Work with Alexa, for House, Apartment, by tolviviov

Price: $69.99
(as of May 18,2021 18:10:13 UTC – Details)

Product Description

tolviviov home security system always give you peace of mindtolviviov home security system always give you peace of mind

door sensordoor sensor

Your Family and Property–ALL WE PROTECT !!!

Protect your home from the inside to the outside, and get an alarm when the door or window is opened. The whole alarm system can be installed and set up by yourself. Simple step-by-step instructions and a life-long tolviviov support allows you to enjoy tolviviov home alarm system within minutes. No professional is required. Do it yourself.

remote control

remote control

share with family

share with family

sos function

sos function

Remote Control

The remote monitor function allows you to check the status of your home security system anytime, anywhere with the free smart life app.

Even you are in traveling.Always bring peace of your mind and protect your family and property.

Share with Family

You can share this home security system by adding your family’s mobile phone number or email address.your can track all the record and will never miss anything important.

SOS Function

Alarm features a SOS Alarm just in case an

emergency occurs while you’re at home.

To trigger it, press the lightning button on the

Key Fob, or tap SOS in the Smart Life app.

Equip every door and window to stop burglar. tolviviov home alarm system always gives you peace of mind.





garden shed

garden shed



House or Apartment


Garden Shed



Know if a Door or Window is Opened or Closed

Expand the reach of your base station to your Alarm components. Ensure your Alarm devices have signal

Get instant mobile alerts when motion is detected

Easily arms and disarms your tolviviov Alarm system

Equip every door and window to stop burglar. Always gives you peace of mind


Mounts to doors and windows

Mounts on the flat wall(1m above)

Mounts to room corners or flat walls

Mounts on the wall of entryway

Place in the center of your home

Work with tolviviov alarm system

Battery Model

23A 12V





2.4GHz Wi-Fi network support only

2nd Generation Home Alarm System (There is a V3 at the bottom of the base station)

1, Make Sure before Pairing:

Connect your smartphone to your home wifi. Make sure your wifi signal is 2.4GHz.

2, Pairing the Base Station with Your Smart Phone

Slide the button to the left to turn on the base station.
At this time, turn on your smartphone’s Bluetooth. Create an account and add base station by tap”+” on the upper right, tap”Auto scan”,choose “enable bluetooth”then tap “Start scanning”.
Tap “Go to add” Select 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and enter password. Then tap Confirm. Tap “Done “after the device is successfully added. You can control your accessories by smart phone from now on.


3, Pairing the Accessories with your Smart Phone.

Tap “Accessories” at the bottom of the Smart Life App to set up the sensors/remotes.
If you want to add motion sensors/contact sensors, tap “Sensors”, tap “+ Add”. If you want to add remotes/Keypads, tap “Remotes”, tap”+Add”.
Trigger your sensors at this time.
Contact Sensor: Line up the contact sensor together then seperate the 2 parts of the contact sensors.
Motion Sensor: Wave your hands in front of the Motion Sensor.
Remote Control: Pressing any button of the remotes.
Keypads: Press and Hold the panic button on the keypad for 3 seconds.


Q: Will it make a noise when a door is opened and system is disarmed?

A: When the system is in disarm mode, there will be no beeping sound when you open the door. But if you encounter an abnormal situation, please set the door sensor only active in Away, Home Mode via Smart Life app.

✅Ideal Alarm System for Home – With the help of smart ecosystem like Smart Life app, you can add extra door and window sensors, motion detectors, wireless doorbell, and water detectors into the existing smart security system. Remotely control tolviviov home alarm system wireless anywhere, anytime via smartphone Smart Life App. It supports expansion of up to 20 sensors and 5 remote controls/keypads. No contracts and No subscription fee.
✅Early-Warning Notifications – When someone illegally opens your door or window and enters your house or apartment. tolviviov smart door sensor will send an alarm to the alarm station, and your mobile phone will receive a real-time notification of alarms alert. Equip every door and window with tolviviov wifi door sensor to stop burglar. tolviviov home security systems always give you peace of mind.
✅VOICE CONTROL – Your tolviviov alarm system for apartment can be easily controlled by Away, Disarm, and Home modes with your voice. Works with Alexa and Google Assistant. Only works on 2.4GHz WiFi networks, does NOT support 5GHz WiFi networks.
✅DIY INSTALLATION – The Bluetooth Smart Alarm System makes installation much easier than any previous version so that you can enjoy tolviviov security alarm system within minutes. No professional is required. The wireless connection devices does not damage the wall. The alarm station should ALWAYS CONNECT to AC adapter. The backup battery works for 8 hours, only as an emergency battery.
✅BUY with Confidence – The newest generation bluetooth version enables you to enjoy the smart security system much faster than ever. tolviviov home alarm system can be used not only for your house or apartment, but also for offices, garage, shops, stores, condos. etc.