YeVhear 200pcs SV1.25-4S Insulated Fork Shovel U Type Wire Connector Electrical Crimp Terminal 22-16AWG Blue/Black/Red/Yellow

Price: $11.39
(as of Jun 17,2021 01:59:06 UTC – Details)

【Specifications】 – Model: SV1.25-4S; Material: Copper; Total length: 21.5 mm/0.84 inches; Adjustable cable size: 22-16AWG; Bolt mouth size: 4.3 mm/0.17 inches; Maximum output current: 19 A;
【FEATURE】 – When the insulated terminals are closely spaced between each other, it can improve the safety of the insulation, prevent the bifurcation of the wires and facilitate the insertion of wires into the socket.
Advantage 1: The copper crimp connector shell is made of PVC, with insulation and flame retardant, high safety and good protection performance
【Advantage 2】 – Metal electrical crimp connector pin, close contact and good conductivity
【Application】 – Insulated fork terminals widely applied in electrical and electronic industry, electrical equipment, industrial automation, public lighting and power control system in traffic